People+ai partners with 24 technology organizations to enable open cloud computing below

Bengaluru-based People+ai, an initiative of non-profit EkStep Foundation, here on Tuesday announced a partner consortium of 24 organizations lined up to join the Open Cloud Compute (OCC) project. These companies include American semiconductor company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and cloud company Oracle. These partner organizations will act as providers of this computing stack or as customers who have a growing need for computing.

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These also include technology providers and manufacturing service companies including Von Neumann AI, Vigyan Labs, Portean Cloud, Dell Technologies, Nasscom, Dixon Technologies, NeevCloud, Tata Communications, Tecnotree, Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India , TIE Bangalore, Neural HQ. , eSamudaay, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, The Open Network for Digital Commerce, E2E Networks Limited, G42, DesiCloud, IBM, Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park, Step, Emerging Open Tech Foundation and OnebyZeroGrit. .

OCC is a network of interoperable micro data centers in the country. According to this model, India needs 10,000 micro data centers to increase its computing power. This network would bring computing power closer to users, enabling faster processing, lower latency and stronger data sovereignty.

Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani, who co-founded the EkStep Foundation, held a closed-door session with representatives from more than 20 organizations to lay the groundwork for creating an IT ecosystem in India, notably the creation of a single and open interface for suppliers and customers of IT infrastructure.

Nilekani said India’s approach to building technology at scale is unique. We’ve successfully broken down the building blocks to create a population-scale digital public infrastructure for identity, payments and education. We see that India’s technological ideas are being recognized globally. I believe now is the time to recompose and make AI work to empower each individual and identify AI use cases that are unique to India. AI will help reduce barriers and personalize at scale.

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Interconnected micro-cloud computing infrastructure aims to unite numerous independent providers into a single network, improving their discovery and utilization. Users of this infrastructure would have access to computing power and related services from many providers. Currently, a few large data centers dominate India. By creating a network of providers, you can ensure that IT resources are more accessible and more tailored to specific local needs. Pramod Pramod Varma, Chief Technology Officer, EkStep Foundation, said: Twenty-four technology partners are collaborating to design an IT ecosystem critical to India’s digital growth. Lining up an elite list of partners is an indication of their conviction to solving some of the toughest problems facing our country.”

The OCC project acts as a catalyst to democratize access to cloud computing for the common good, he said. It will allow many microcomputer vendors, potentially hundreds, to join together and create a megacomputer network, he added. “As Nandan once said, micro is the new mega, he quipped.

Tanvi Lall, Chief Strategy Officer, people+ai, EkStep Foundation, said: Like energy sources, computing resources come in many forms. Over the next few years, demand for computing will increase due to increased digitization and AI, and the global cloud computing market is expected to triple. Through OCC, we are taking a digital public infrastructure approach to unlocking access to computing at scale.”

Shailender Kumar, Senior Vice President, Oracle India, said OCC can benefit from Oracles distributed cloud capabilities, such as accelerating project execution, providing greater transparency, delivering enterprise-level efficiencies and unlocking innovation through AI and analytics, in customer data centers or the public. cloud

Meanwhile, Jaya Jagadish, Country Head, AMD India, said that they are well positioned to meet the demands of emerging technologies with the company’s GPUs and APUs.

“We can deliver optimized performance for a wide variety of workloads that OCC partners can leverage to their advantage. In the next decade, the technologies that will take the lead will be heterogeneous computing for specialized workloads such as AI, machine learning and high performance Edge computing will gain prominence for IoT devices, while cloud and data center capabilities will continue to expand to handle large-scale data workloads,” he said.

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