Rabbit R1 AI Companion: An adorable but half-baked idea you can ignore

While I hesitate to call the Rabbit R1 AI companion device useless, I wouldn’t describe it as useful. This is a cute, orange gadget that has spent much of its short time in my pocket. I have little reason to remove it. And why would he? It does nothing better than my iPhone 15 Pro Max and the dozens of apps I have on it. It’s not even a better AI device than a smartphone with Gemini, Copilot or ChatGPT.

Even the design, which gets points for solid construction and cute, retro looks, doesn’t inspire. The physical scroll wheel touchscreen navigation is one of the worst system interaction strategies I’ve ever encountered. RabbitOS’ incredibly linear navigation only exacerbates the problem. I can’t remember the last piece of mobile consumer electronics that didn’t know how to return to the home screen if you weren’t using it. I’d say the developers took the ‘rabbit’ metaphor a bit too seriously and designed an operating system that is nothing but rabbit holes and the only way out is by careful backup.

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Image Source : www.techradar.com

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