The aggressive new Google Pixel 8 discounts are not over

This story was updated on April 6. Update below.

If you paid full price for a Google Pixel 8, please, for your sanity, don’t read on. Google has repeatedly slashed the prices of its devices since they launched last October, and it doesn’t look like that strategy is ending anytime soon.

By my count, Google heavily discounted the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in December, January, February, March, and April. It was now May and the UK and US Google Stores are having another sale. These aren’t small discounts either, most have knocked $150 and $200 off the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, respectively.

The company has also sent high-value vouchers to YouTube Premium subscribers to use when they buy the Pixel 8, increased its trade-in prices and given $100 store credit coupons to Google Photos users random Some Google One users also reported receiving a whopping $250 voucher for a new Pixel 8. It looks like the phones may have been on sale, or subject to some sort of discount, for longer than they ever have been at full price.

Google has never been shy about lowering its hardware prices, it doesn’t stick rigidly to its pricing guns like Apple. The Pixel series has also undergone several rebrands in the past decade. From budget phones like the Nexus 5 and Pixel 5, to the current high-end phones we see today.

But this level of aggressive pricing is unusual for the company, and I suspect it could be the new normal. Not just for Google, but for many other Android manufacturers.

Google is playing a serious game the primary Android device. It’s been on this path since it started making its Tensor chipset in-house in 2019. In recent months, the company stepped up its efforts by cleaning up its many paid software services, a key part of building an integrated system, similar to Apple, ecosystem.

Google One now includes Nest Aware and FitBit Premium (though it’s still missing something), Google Podcasts is merging with YouTube Music, while YouTube Premium has been revamped with paywall video quality and feature-based in AI. Google Photos, Gmail, Drive, and other Workspace apps also have various free and paid AI features to boost productivity. Read about these here.

Google wants you locked into all their services and the gateway to them is a Pixel phone. Of course, you can access all of the above through other non-Pixel devices. But Google is throwing in some Pixel-exclusive features to lure buyers into its biosphere. AI-powered camera tools like Best Take, Magic Editor, and Video Boost were exclusive to Pixel until the company later made them available to all Photos users.

But Google’s Pixel 8 is decidedly not the main Android phone. If such a crown existed, it would go to Samsung, which is the most popular Android brand in the world and (now) the second most popular smartphone brand globally.

Samsung got there in a few ways, but the aggressive marketing tactics that they aimed directly at their rivals, along with extreme discount offers, will always be remembered. As Google tries to grab more market share and get more people to pay for storage, AI features and other services, I don’t think these deals will stop anytime soon.

Update April 6: Another Google Pixel 8a leak has given us more information about the company’s new pricing strategy. Leaker @mysterylupin on X/Twitter has spotted what appears to be a promotional image for the upcoming Pixel 8a. Aside from confirming some specs, what piqued my interest is the fact that Google is leading its promotional material with a discounted price.

The ad is in French, but according to Google Translate the text says that European buyers can get a trade-in bonus of 150 ($161.58) on the trade-in value of your old phone, which sounds like a trade-in offer. I suspect US buyers will get a similar trade-in deal, plus other bundle deals when the device is announced this month.

The European price shown 549 ($591.38) is a little more than the Pixel 7as 509 ($548.29), but this could be the new 256GB model Google is launching alongside the 128GB base unit it usually launches. Of course, different territories also have different pricing strategies. The latest price leak claiming the Pixel 8a will start at $499 in the US seems accurate to me.

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